As a Man

I am a husband and father who gets to experience ideas, creativity, curiosity, and tons of laughter. I live a very full life.

What makes my life even more rich is my personal relationship with The Lord. I've had a variety of experiences with Him over the years, but when I began to understand how to hear His voice, I was transfixed.

My stunning bride with Everett.

Lincoln, Ryder, and Everett.

Lincoln loving his youngest brother.

As A Worker


Co-founding and running a digital business has given me understanding. I have extensive experience with communication, design, media, product management, and technology. I build relationships, provide strategies, convey desires and manage human and technical resources.

From my experiences, individuals either possess technical understanding or an ability to communicate. My work history is a story showcasing my ability to operate both. In my former company, I helped develop an idea into a tangible product which was ultimately pursued and acquired by Spark Networks.

I have the technical understanding to create, strategize, promote, and curate. I am a storyteller and product evangelist. I'm not someone simply satisfied with brand connection and product purchase alone for I am passionate about creating product experiences which result in fanatical users. That's been my aim for the past 15 years.


"While I started out striving for authority in arrogance, I learned to humbly follow, and now I'm ready to humbly serve and lead."