13 Signs You Are Humble

I recently began to include Bethel Redding in my podcast mix. I find their messages always:

  1. provide perspective.
  2. inspire me.
  3. hit home.

Their Senior Pastor, Bill Johnson, shares his pulpit with a variety of staff members, and all are great. This message was not by Bill, but by Kris Vallotton entitled Steps To Successful Living in the Kingdom: Part 2. From the messages I've heard Kris give over the past few months, I always find him providing insight I've never considered before. He's always biblical and I tend to share his sense of humor.

Here's his list of 13 signs you're a humble person.

  1. You know who you are without requiring others acknowledge it.
  2. You allow others to get credit that should be attributed to you.
  3. You take a lower seat than you deserve.
  4. You refuse to promote yourself.
  5. You allow others to share their accomplishments without sharing your especially whens yours are greater. Let someone have their day in the sun.
  6. You have an attitude that no task is below you.
  7. You are honest about your weaknesses.
  8. You admit your mistakes.
  9. You live below your means.
  10. You work to promote others.
  11. You are teachable.
  12. You are correctable.
  13. You are influenceable.

After reading these points I have to ask, would you describe yourself as someone who is humble? I publicly admit I’m going back to humility school after listening to this message.

Travis Hickox

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