An Actual Creative Beer Commercial

Have any of you seen the Miller Lite - "Storm" spot by TBWA\Chiat\Day\LA? I saw it while watching the Packers game and wanted to see it again. Upon researching, I uncovered this article by Lewis Lazare which was not favorableIn it, Mr. Lazare stated:

A second new Miller Lite spot called “Storm” uses meteorological descriptives to capture in words the experience of imbibing Miller Lite. Here the close-up beer visuals suggest storm clouds forming or giant waves about to crash. Pretty to look at once maybe. But again, not an entirely convincing argument for why Millennials should turn to Miller Lite over other options.
— Lewis Lazare

My opinion? TBWA\Chiat\Day\LA creatively focused on the product, not prepubescent mouth breathers...who are 30 years old. Sorry if that offended you. They treated me like an adult with a brain. The spot was so different I began to look it up...furthering the connection.

How many agencies do that these days? I think their imagery, song selection, and ability to link my mind to different types of storms was rather brilliant. Why? Unless you live in San Diego where it's seemingly always sunny, you're going to experience weather storms.

The next time I look up and see a brewing storm headed my way, I might think of Miller Lite. The next time I think of Miller Lite, I will remember they recently appealed to my brain and might also think about purchasing a 12 pack. The next time I purchase a 12 pack of Miller Lite, I might have a few friends over. The next time I have friends over, and we share a Miller Lite, I hope it doesn't rain...or we could start this process all over again.

Did you see it? Do you have an opinion? Let me know below. 

Travis Hickox

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