Benefits of Organic Whole Bean Coffee

In the middle of 2013 I randomly decided I wanted to become a coffee drinker. I knew if I were to embark on becoming this kind of person, I needed to become a coffee drinker sans cream and sugar for my body to be "cool" with me. You see, a former employer of mine had a coffee machine which dispensed any style of coffee you could image. I'd daily choose a heavily doctored cup of cream and sugar with a hint of coffee. After a month, my body began to communicate it was agitated, but I selected to ignore its warnings. I sadly continued this habit for a year before I ended my love affair.

As I began to introduce black coffee to my body, I literally felt as though I was drinking rocket fuel for it tasted awful and I was rather amped! After one week, the taste improved and my desire for cream and sugar diminished. But interestingly, two weeks after I began my new daily habit, my stomach began to give me fits again.

Holistic Methods

One day while in for my quarterly checkup with our doctor, the issue my body wanted to deal with was a problem in my stomach region. After a few attempts at uncovering what specifically was going on, I mentioned my new habit. She tested my body and discovered while my body was OK having 1 - 2 cups of coffee per day, it was not liking me for doing 4 - 5. (This amount is what my body said it could process. I don't know your health habits / baseline; you might be able to consume more). Understanding my body limits was great to learn. However, the key piece of information I gained was to use whole bean organic coffee instead of pre-ground coffee.

Why whole bean?

Two pieces of information I find interesting:

  1. Coffee begins to go stale within 2 hours of being ground.
  2. The flavor comes from the oils of the coffee bean.

Organic For The Win

At the beginning of 2013, my wife and I decided to become an organic home. We don't do it perfectly and don't strive to. We shoot for a rough mix of 90% organic / 10% non-organic. Besides enjoying the assurance of not placing chemicals into my family's bodies, I've seen other amazing benefits from eating organically. Losing 15 lbs without exercising is a great example that sticks in my mind. 


Eating organically does cost you something. When the doctor said organic whole bean coffee, I saw dollar signs. The great news I'm sharing is that I've discovered buying organic whole bean coffee doesn't cost any more than the alternative!


Supposedly organic coffee tastes more full. I've never done a blind comparison so I can't say if this is true. I recently had some Folgers, and I know organic tastes much better than that stuff.


As you can surmise, purchasing organic coffee beans also benefits the environment. However...I must share a secret with you. I don't really care. Character flaw 8310 and counting.

Health - Key Takeaway

In a post from Organic vs. Conventional Coffee, Sara Flore  states:

First, conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides – a real mouthful with a bad taste.
Second, most conventionally grown coffee plants are hybrids developed to flourish in open sun. Coffee naturally prefers the shade, but a crop grown in thick forest is more difficult to tend and harvest, and cannot be planted as densely.

Chemicals won't be stored in my body fat causing who knows what kind of molecular damage. After witnessing my father battle (and win!) cancer 3 times, I don't want any part of helping cells to go rogue and develop abnormally.

Organic Coffee I Have Used

As I previously mentioned, I'm glad to report the different coffee beans I've used haven't been any more expensive than non-organic beans. I tried and enjoyed a few flavored varieties, but after a short time I decided I wanted the simple taste of coffee alone.

Cameron’s Organic Rainforest Blend

My coffee journey began with Cameron’s Organic Rainforest Blend. It's a nice tasting cup of coffee and can be shipped to you by Amazon which is always a bonus!

Trader Joes Honduran Coffee

I first had this coffee at a great Easter lunch hosted by Laura Irion. She's awesome for so many reasons, but this particular reason for awesomeness is she knew I had switched to organic and was kind enough to go out and buy some! I still like Cameron’s, but I now prefer this blend over it. As I sat drinking this coffee, a smile was brought to my face.

Cafe Don Pablo

I'm currently loving Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean, Whew! THAT was a mouth full. When the shipment came, I thought I had made a mistake. I didn't realize the bag was 2 pounds. However, I love it and believe it is my most favorite coffee to date.

Besides the great taste, I appreciated they provide directions for how to make the proper cup. I had previously looked up how to brew coffee on the National Coffee Association website, but I actually liked Don Pablo's directions better. They suggest to use a bit more water than what I was previously using based on the NCA.

This brand seems to be very versatile too; I love it with and without additional flavoring. 

Speaking Of Additional Flavoring

So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer

I can't recommend this coffee additive enough. My wife, Steph, discovered it one day when grocery shopping at Woodman's. She knew I was remaining pure to drinking coffee without any cream or sugar, but she wanted me to try it. It's amazing.

Madhava Organic Coffee Syrup

Steph knows I love salted caramel. She found a bottle of Madhava Organic Coffee Syrup one time and we now typically have a bottle on hand.

Coffee Preference

Tell me...are you aware of other brands which are equal in price to non-organic? I'd be interested to try them out if you want to share the brand with me. Please tell me where I can buy it too.

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