DIY Canvas - Even The Wind and Waves Obey Him

My wife is an avid Pinterest user. She has lots of followers which always baffles me as she doesn't spend much time online or do any kind of promotion or sharing. However, I know why...once you experience her you're left with an understanding of someone who has excellent taste in everything. Her pins mirror this fact.

One of our close friends, Laura Irion, shares this same trait. (see her pin board) They are two peas in a pod with most of their pins. She recently pinned an idea for a canvas someone had created and when Steph saw it, she showed it to me. After I saw it, I knew I wanted to create the canvas print and that is why I'm sharing this post with you today!


The artwork I selected was Ocean Wave by Irabell.


You will need to decide on the size of canvas you want to purchase. Stephanie and I selected a 14x14 canvas from Costco for $30. To my surprise, when I went to pick it up there was a coupon making the total canvas cost only $20.


  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. File > New.
  3. Set the width to 14 inches.
  4. Set the height to 14 inches.
  5. Set the resolution to 300 pixels/inch.
  6. Set the color mode to CMYK.
  7. View > Show > Extras (or hit cmd ;)
  8. Create 1 guide for each side (totaling 4). All should be 2 inches from the outer edge.
    As a side note, on my first attempt I set my guides to 1 inch around the edges. Upon uploading my artwork to Costco, I discovered it didn't look right.
  9. Create a new layer.
  10. Select the Text tool.
  11. Select Agency FB for your font.
  12. Select bold.
  13. Adjust your size to 590px.
  14. Set the justification to right aligned.
  15. Type
    Even the wind
    and waves
    obey him
  16. Position your text so that it butts up against the left, top and right guides.
  17. Create a new layer.
  18. Select the Text tool.
  19. Set the font size to 425px.
  20. Type 
    Luke 8:25
  21. Position your text so that it butts up against the bottom and right guides.
  22. File > Save. Save the psd.

Something to note, if you do choose to go with Costco for your canvas you will need to save your file as a JPEG as well for they won't take an upload of a PSD.


  • Costco 14x14 canvas ~ $30.
  • Photo from iStock ~ $30.
  • My time in Photoshop ~ ??? Dare I say priceless? Nah. Not today anyway.

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