Sonos Wireless Hi Fi Speakers

My love affair with home theaters began in Jr. High. By the time I was in high school I had 3 different home theater magazine subscriptions and I kept them through college. After graduating, I got the revelation hi-end stereos, televisions, furniture, and all of the fixings were at a price point I couldn't afford for the foreseeable future so instead of dreaming about what might be, I decided to let the dream die.

Fast forward 15 years and you would find me using the same stuff I purchased while I was in college. I did get a new TV in 2013, but my Denon receiver was still rocking my infinity speakers I purchased in college.

Spotify + Sonos

I began to use Spotify in 2012 and learned of the Sonos speaker system through their ad campaigns. I looked into them and instantly knew I wanted to own their products and upgrade/replace everything I owned. But a big question Being a dad of 3, I only allot myself $25/month for fun money. This could take 15 more years!

In amazing way, I came into some money in 2013 and purchased the Sonos Playbar, Sub, Play 5 and Play 3.

We use the Play:3 upstairs, the Play:5 on the main floor, and the Sonos Sub and Playbar with our Vizio TV downstairs. Talk about bliss. We can have the same song playing throughout the entire house or different songs on each floor AND watch TV all at the same time. I even discovered you can pipe your TV audio through the other speakers too! This recent discovery was rather cool for my wife and I wanted to hear the Packer game but needed to be doing other things in the house. When we heard sounds of excitement, we'd race downstairs to see the replay. (thank you dvr, we love you.)

If you are into hi-fi sound and are looking to upgrade, I highly recommend buying Sonos speakers. We use them every day and it makes our whole family happy.

Travis Hickox

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